Imatge del videojoc 'GRIS', creat per Nomada Studio, el 18 de juliol del 2019 (horitzontal).

GRIS – Game Review

GRIS’s slow gameplay has players walk the fine line between relaxation and boredom. Available On:  Switch, PS4, PC, Mac, iOS,

03 Nov

RiME – Game Review

An Ico for the new age, RiME’s emphasis on the destination instead of the journey is its greatest flaw. Available On: 

03 Nov

Game Review: Yakuza 0

Immersing me in its captivating setting, Yakuza 0 took hold and never let go. Available On:  PS4, X1, PC As a favor, I made a

22 Oct

Ara Fell Review

Ara Fell succeeds as both a poignant homage to RPG history and an excellent game on its own. Available on: Switch, PS4, PC,

19 Oct