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Holy crap!  All of a sudden you can play two of my favorite Nintendo Wii games on the go!  Nintendo just surprise-dropped No More Heroes on Switch.  Even better, they are on sale for $18 on release day (today, 10/28/2020).  I don’t say this often, but thanks Nintendo!  Grab both of ’em now before they hit their normal price at $20.

Developed by Suda51, No More Heroes is an obscure and over-the-top action game starring the rambunctious Travis Touchdown.  Both NMH1 and NMH2 are loads of fun.

I wonder how the Wii motion controls have been updated for the Switch.  Hopefully nobody goes around accidentally throwing their Switch on the ground while they recharge their sword.

This will be a nice way to kill some time as we wait for No More Heroes 3, which is delayed until 2021.

Buy No More Heroes on Switch here, and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle here.  (Not affiliate links).